City of Midland worried for safety of new Pokémon trainers

City of Midland worried for safety of new Pokémon trainers

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a popular new game that has everyone playing, it's called Pokémon Go.

The game launched as an app a few days ago, but it's already causing safety concerns.

"It's just nice to come out in the evening and walk the park and get some exercise," said mom and Pokémon Go player, Kelly Keating.

While out with her kids playing Pokémon Go, Keating said it's a game she enjoys and wants to make sure the kids are safe.

Her kids said they don't mind Keating coming along and can't remember the last time they did something as a family they all enjoy.

"It's just a really good family thing, you know? We've all kind of bonded, we meet up and come to the duck pond at night and catch Pokémon," said Pokémon player Alex Keating.

Josh Keating said his plans wouldn't be much different if Pokémon Go wasn't around. "I would probably be playing a game on the Xbox or something," said Josh Keating.

The game forces people to get up and walk around to catch virtual Pokémon.

The City of Midland said it has already increased activity in many parks because they are "checkpoints" in the game, but the spokesperson said it's suggested you play the game in pairs.

"People, when they get caught up in the craze of something they sometimes [forget], those common sense things don't really come to mind," said Sara Bustilloz with the City of Midland. "They are keeping their head in their phone, they're not paying attention to what's going on to them."

The game is reaching out to parents and kids, parents said it's important to supervise.

"I'm 30 years old but I've been playing since I was in junior high," said father and Pokémon Go player, Aaron Flores. "I brought my daughter out here and it's just cool to see that age gap playing the same thing."

"I would definitely say play in groups and it's super fun especially if you're on the same team," said mother and Pokémon Go player, Brittany Lindsey.

"I would say go with them play with them. If you're worried about them being safe just stay with them," said Keating.

The City of Midland said the texting and driving ban is against using apps like this one while driving and no one should be playing and driving.

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