Midland man selling wristbands to support law enforcement

Midland man selling wristbands to support law enforcement

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After hearing about the Dallas police attacks, Chris Mertz had an idea of selling wristbands to show his appreciation for law enforcement. He didn't know what would start out so small would start blowing up.

"Initially started out, I know a bunch of my friends and family would want some of them and would want to help and say thanks but its turned into a lot more than that," said Mertz.

In about two days, 178 bracelets have been ordered from people not only in the state of Texas, but other states around the nation. He received a total of over $2,000 in donations.

"I've got donations from people all over the US," said Mertz. Even though its supporting our local police department."

All donations will be donated to the Midland Police Department. Since he is in the process of starting and if more donations are made, it may reach out to other law enforcement agencies. He said there is no set amount on the bracelets.

"Any dollar amount just to say thank you. We've had donations at this point from $5 dollars to $500."

At the end of the day, he wants law enforcement to remember there are people who still care.

"It's a good feeling in general. It's not about me as much as it is about all of us saying thanks. That's the biggest point of all of it."

The wristbands are currently in the process of shipment. To order a wristband, you can contact Chris on Facebook. Payments are made through PayPal or mail.

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