Residents requesting councilman to step down following euthanasia of ducks and geese

Residents requesting councilman to step down following euthanasia of ducks and geese

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa residents started a petition to have City Councilman Dewey Bryant step down following the euthanasia of several ducks and geese from Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa.

The petition reads, "Dewey Bryant's complaint about nuisance waterfowl at his business and subsequent abuse of power as a politician shows his lack of regard for the citizens he is supposed to represent. Dewey Bryant's abuse of power is responsible for our city's rapid response involving Texas Parks and Wildlife to deal with the overpopulation of waterfowl at the Memorial Gardens Park duck pond. As a result of this abuse of power, Texas Parks and Wildlife will be executing around 90 ducks and geese to control the population of waterfowl in the park.
I am starting this petition to ask for the Resignation of Dewey Bryant as The City Councilman for the City of Odessa Place 2. We cannot have people in political office who are more concerned with the needs of their business than the needs of those whom they are in office to represent."

On Wednesday we heard from the state about their plan to euthanize a total of 90 ducks and geese.

State director for the Texas Wildlife Service Mike Bodenchuk said the state ran through a gamut of ideas on what to do with the ducks and geese but thought of relocating the birds was not ideal.

Bodenchuk said failed attempts to preserve the birds previously also factored into the decision.

He explained the way they will euthanize the ducks is by using an oral tranquilizer put into bread and wait until they fall asleep before they would remove them.

"We'll take them to one of our warehouses and euthanize them with carbon monoxide gas which is an improved method of euthanasia by the American Veterinary Medical Association," said Bodenchuk.

Bodenchuk said the ducks and geese who migrate to the bread are the ones they will target because those are the ones who are causing the problems.

The petition is asking for 50 signatures, as of Sunday at 3:00 p.m., 31 people have signed it.

You can view the petition here.

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