Big Spring woman showing positivity in light of Dallas shootings

Big Spring woman showing positivity in light of Dallas shootings

"What if he doesn't come home tomorrow? What if he doesn't come home tonight? And he's working tonight..." Desi Ripple said.

These are questions she asks herself every day and she said it comes with dating a law enforcement officer.

Because of this, with the recent shootings in Dallas she said it really hits home.

Ripple stood outside of Walmart for seven hours yesterday holding a sign that said free hugs all lives matter.

Although she has been doing this for 5 years, she felt like after the recent Dallas attack the world was in need of a hug.

"It's not just about blacks or whites or greens or purples or polka dots," Ripple said. "We all matter whether you wear a badge or the color of your skin. We all matter."

She does the free hug campaign to show people that there is someone who cares.

"Even if its a perfect stranger, I care,  so they deserve to feel like I care, ya know," she said.

Every time she does it she receives positive reactions, but yesterday not a single person walked by without hugging her.

She said she has never received this much social media attention from giving free hugs until yesterday.

Ripple adds, "Anything that's positive I think people clench onto that and hang onto that because we don't have that. And we need to as people look out for each other."

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