Midland Co. Sheriff Gary Painter talks about Dallas shootings

Midland Co. Sheriff Gary Painter talks about Dallas shootings

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - In the wake of a shooting at a protest in downtown Dallas that left five officers dead and at least six more wounded, we spoke to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter and asked him how he felt about what transpired Thursday night in Dallas.

"Shock that they would have snipers that would attack law enforcement in such a violent manner. The officers weren't doing anything to them. But just because of their color and the fact that they wore a badge, they were murdered."

Painter said that he and his department are supporting the fallen officers and their families as much as they can. But he fears that this is not the end for the Dallas Police Department.

"I think there is going to be more violence. We are doing as much as they can to support law enforcement officers in Dallas. It's going to get worse.  More dangerous in the streets of Dallas. I'm worried about retaliation. That is a serious concern for the most part."

Painter said that there are people that are going to violate the law. But most people are supportive of their local law enforcement.

Painter said the people of Midland County are blessed to have such good people working to protect and serve.

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