Andrews woman caught in Dallas chaos

Andrews woman caught in Dallas chaos

"I booked where we always book, which is at the Hyatt Regency," Betty Zamora said. "That's how I ended up staying here another extra night and then the chaos happened."

Zamora was in the area to drop her daughter off at the airport and she never made it back to the Hyatt that night.

She said roads were blocked and that's when she decided to sit outside another hotel 50 feet away and go live inside her car for an hour and a half from her Facebook.

She said she saw officers trying to secure locations but said they were really scared as far as anyone trying to approach them, many of them yelling "get back."

She described the scene as unreal as she saw the aftermath unfold right in front of her eyes.

"People were running, people were crying, it was just unreal," Zamora said. "It was too much happening at the same time. Every time I tried to leave and circle around. I tried five places to exit Dallas, it was crazy. Cars were going wrong ways, they were on one ways, cops would see you parked illegally. You weren't even an issue to them at that time."

She came into close contact with many cops and she said they were just as confused as she was. She saw cops from many departments who came in trying to help the situation in any way.

As for the next step forward after this tragedy, she's not sure what the future will hold.

Zamora adds, "What'll happen now, I don't know. I just hope everybody comes together as a nation and supports one and other and love one and other and more prayer."

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