Two arrested after Odessa dog attack

Two arrested after Odessa dog attack
Odessa Police Department (Source: KWES)

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Two people are behind bars in connection to a dog attack that left one woman in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Aurelio Hernandez-Leyva, 40, and Maria Quintero-Leyva, 40, were arrested just after noon on Friday and charged with attack by dog after a woman was attacked by two dogs that police say they owned.

Odessa police say shortly around 11 a.m. Juanita Rodriguez, 67, was taking out some trash in an alley in the area of Ada St. and Lee Ave when she was attacked by two dogs.

Authorities say officers found Rodriguez with injuries to her face, neck and chest.

An investigation led police to the home of Hernandez-Leyva and Quintero-Leyva, where the backyard fence was in disrepair, had a broken gate and holes in the chain link.

Witnesses confirmed to police that these same dogs had escaped numerous times in the past and that they also had a history of being aggressive.

Police remind the public that it is the responsibility of dog owners to make sure that their dogs are properly restrained in a secure enclosure.

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