State moves forward with plan to euthanize ducks, geese

State moves forward with plan to euthanize ducks, geese

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Thursday, state director for the Texas Wildlife Service Michael Bodenchuk spoke to NewsWest 9 about the overflow of ducks and geese at Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa. He said the state ran though a number of ideas on what to do with the ducks and geese but the thought of relocating the birds was not ideal.

"For a number of reasons putting these ducks back into the wild and on a farm where they can interact with wild birds is not an acceptable solution," said Bodenchuk.

Bodenchuk said failed attempts to preserve the birds previously also factored into the decision.

"Our past experiences shown that when we have an Adopt-A-Duck program people will take the ducks home and throw them in the same pond and some people would take the ducks home and eat them," said Bodenchuk.

Bodenchuk explained the way they will euthanize the ducks is by using an oral tranquilizer put into bread and wait til they fall asleep before they would remove them.

"We'll take them to one of our warehouses and euthanize them with carbon monoxide gas which is an improved method of euthanasia by the American Veterinary Medical Association," said Bodenchuk.

Some believe the idea of putting down these birds is wrong while officials with the Texas Wildlife Service believe doing this now will stop this from happening in the near future.

Eba Kinard, a landowner in Big Spring said "It's a big kill off is what it is."

"It's an unfortunate solution even in my mind. I'd like to look for a long term solution with the public and some groups in the community to try and find ways to prevent this from having to come back in two or three years and having to do this again," said Bodenchuk.

Bodenchuk said the ducks and geese who migrate to the bread are the ones they are targeting because they are the ones causing the problems. He added officials will be done moving the birds by the time the park reopens next week.

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