High temperatures, rainwater cause yellow water in Midland

High temperatures, rainwater cause yellow water in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - According to the city of Midland, officials have received increased reports from residents of discolored water around town.

Customers that have reported this to the city have mostly noticed yellow water against white backgrounds like bathtubs, sinks and toilets.

Because of multiple photos and calls from residents, the Utilities Department identified that the yellow water is being caused by seasonally elevated levels of the naturally-occurring mineral, manganese.

Movement in water from rain and high temperatures can cause manganese in the reservoir's sediments to dissolve into the water supply.

After receiving reports on Tuesday, the city immediately started efforts to fix the discoloration.

"I think we started getting them all day on Tuesday," said Raymond Saddler, Water Production Superintendent with the City of Midland. "And actually first thing Tuesday morning, we had actually increased our potassium rate to actually account for that so it's gonna take it a little bit to get out of the plant."

City officials initially thought the yellow water was caused by the changing of disinfection processes. But from multiple photos they have identified it as seasonally elevated manganese and Saddler says it is something that can be fixed easily.

"It can be easily treated out. It came up so quickly that we started treating it yesterday (Tuesday)," said Saddler. "We should start seeing a change in that here pretty quickly once we oxidize what we are currently seeing in the raw water."

The city of Midland is currently monitoring and evaluating water quality to achieve the best operations under these conditions.

With increased levels of potassium and also flushing out their treated water, Saddler said it should return back to normal in just a couple of days.

The yellow water does not have any adverse health effects.

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