Big Spring Economic Development Corporation voted to aid rail systems

Big Spring Economic Development Corporation voted to aid rail systems

During a special meeting in Big Spring on Tuesday, It only took 30 minutes for members of the Big Spring Economic Development Corporation to decide to take on the costs of rent for the Big Spring rail systems. They believed they had to do it because the rail systems are just to important to the economy.

Bob Price, Big Spring EDC board member said, "I think any citizen can visualize how difficult it would be to go out and find locomotives to be able to move cars from Union Pacific rail lines to Big Spring park."

The rail systems transport different supplies to customers in the city. The company took a hit not only because of the downturn but also after one of their main suppliers Western Container picked up and moved to Abilene. 

Terry Wegman, Executive Director of the Big Spring EDC said,  "They bring in product to different customers at the air park, some oil and gas related, some not. We have several customers who rely on their services."

After some string of bad luck, the members of the EDC knew how important the Big Spring rail systems are so they decided to lend a hand.
"It helps with their cash flow," said Wegman.

"It would be extremely hard to replace those guys. They're important. We want to be good partners with them. They want to be good partners with Big Spring and so we believe it's very important to continue the relationship going forward," said Price.

The Big Spring EDC says they would agree to pay $4,000 for six months and. They tell NewsWest 9 the framework of the agreement would be discussed at next weeks City Council meeting.

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