Midland amputee teen granted scholarship

Midland amputee teen granted scholarship

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Vanessa Rodriguez is your average 14-year-old Midland teen. She likes to play soccer, volleyball and do crafts. However, she's also an amputee.

Vanessa, or "Nessa" as she likes to be called, was born as a quadrimembral amputee, but still plays any sport she can. But while she enjoys playing sports,  her true love comes from arts and crafts...

"I remember discovering it and then saying, oh my gosh this is so much fun, I love to do it," said Rodriguez. "Give me more supplies."

Then, around March, Vanessa and her mom applied for a scholarship for the Amputee Coalition Youth Camp in Ohio. They didn't have to wait long to be told that Vanessa would have everything paid for, from travel to camp expenses. Vanessa said being given this opportunity gave her a once in a lifetime feeling.

"I just have doubt in myself," said Rodriguez. "Whenever I actually achieve something it goes off in my head like wow I got this, I achieved it, I didn't know I was going to be able to do this. And just that feeling in it. "

The camp is for amputee children, ages 10-to-17 who are living with successful limb loss.  The camp begins on July 8 and Vanessa's flight leaves the same day. Her mother, Amanda recommends anyone with an amputee child to go ahead and sign up for the event, as well as the scholarship.

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