Benefit held to help children of deceased Midland woman

Benefit held to help children of deceased Midland woman

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In life, Kathy Lujan did everything she could to take care of her children. Now after her passing, her friends are attempting to do the job for her.

Lujan was known as the Cookie lady from her time working at the Midland Mall. When Lujan was murdered and her body found, her close family and friends began to organize a benefit night for them.

Christie Garcia, Lujan's one-time co-worker and longtime friend, said it wasn't her idea but it was something she wanted to do.

"You know what, Kathy was good people," said Garcia. "She was more like family to me. And the boys, I have a lot of love for those boys. I just want them taken care of and I don't want anybody hurting them, it's bad enough they lost their mother."
Garcia echoed the gratitude of everyone showing up to support the cause, but obviously wishes it wasn't needed.

"I love that they have the compassion because a lot of people do not have compassion and that's the problem with this world today, you know," said Garcia. "I just wish she would've reached out to someone who would've taken her serious, you know. Maybe she'd be here, you know. That's the problem today, people are too busy nowadays that they hear it, it goes in one ear and out the other, they don't pay attention to what's going on." 

The benefit is being held at the Atrium Lounge at 3904 West Wall in Midland Sunday night until 2 a.m. The organizers and various donors brought candles, signs and food for the event.
They also are having a pool tournament and a poker game, along with music from a live DJ, who didn't ask for a penny. Lujan's step mother, Maty Baget, gave a response from the family, expressing the gratitude for not only this but everything her step daughters' supporters have done so far.

"Our family is really very happy about this fundraiser being organized by Raina and are sure Kathy would be happy in heaven," said Baget. "Prayers for her."
The owner of the Atrium Lounge, Nita Alexander, said she wants to thank everyone for coming together to help out the children of Kathy Lujan. News West 9 was told The father of the two boys, is currently looking into getting full custody.

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