Keep your home secure while you're away on vacation

Keep your home secure while you're away on vacation

TEXAS (KWES) - Making your home appear to look occupied may not be as impossible as you thought.

State Farm said last year, Texas was the second state to have the most claims on home theft.

"A lot of these home thefts when they get back from vacation, they realize something is gone," said Jim Camoriano with State Farm.

The month of July is one of the peaking points of the year when burglars come out since most homeowners are going away on vacation. Having windows open, lights turned off, even having deliveries pile up on your porch are some of the key things thieves are looking for. However, there are some safety tips you can use inside and outside your home, to prevent any break-ins while you're gone.

You can install motion-activated bright lights above porches, yards, and entrances, keep personal items out of sight away from windows, have a friend pick up your packages or mail for you, or simply not posting anything on social media.

"Don't broadcast when you're on vacation," said Camoriano. "Don't let the world know on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media platform you have. Just be careful. Burglars are looking for that, as well."

Keeping your home secured inside is crucial. So before you leave, take photos or videos of your items so you'll have a record to show to your insurance company. Have fire resistant safes, one for documents and one for valuables, install deadbolt locks on exterior doors, make sure your locks are more secure with heavy duty strike plates, and install a home monitoring system inside.

State Farm is working with vendors to allow you to use your devices to monitor everything in your home while you're away.

"Everything from the climate, your air conditioning, and heater in your home to any movement of any doors are open, gas leaks or things like that," said Camoriano.

To inquire about their home monitoring system, you can click here.

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