Jackalopes President talks Sjodahl's big break

Jackalopes President talks Sjodahl's big break

ODESSA- When former Odessa Jackalope Hampus Sjodahl hits the ice at Dallas Stars Development Camp next week, he will become just the second player in franchise history to get that type of opportunity.
Hampus was the NAHL South Division MVP and had the best single season in franchise history.

The 20 year-old star was too old for the NHL Draft by only 3 months, but the path to go pro has new life starting next week.

We reached out to Jackalopes President Kevin Leisgang Today to find out just what Sjodahl can expect at Stars camp next and what this means for the Odessa Jackalopes going forward.

"The scouts and the whole organization of the Stars, they're looking at him and one of the North American league coaches will be there as well," Leisgang said. "With him going to the Stars camp, it's just another feather in our hat, plus wanting to recruit players that want to come to Odessa and what our program's all about."

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