Man speaks out on fathers murder

Man speaks out on fathers murder

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On June 30, Audrey Montgomery and Lacey Taylor were arrested and charged with the murder of Fred Robinson.

After further investigation, it was revealed that Robinson had been shot and his remains, put inside a burn barrel. Robinson's son Denzel Robinson, said he found out when his older brother called him, about an hour before he saw the story online. He said it was hard to believe anyone could do what Montgomery and Taylor had done to his dad. It was also hard due to the fact that it was so near to his own home, especially since he had no idea his dad was living so near.

"I actually couldn't believe it," Robinson said. "Until I had went on the site and I had seen the stories and read all the disgusting stories, it's actually still hard to believe and it was not so far from me."

Robinson says he hasn't seen father for a few weeks, and regrets it. He says the one thing he wants out of this is justice and for his father to know he didn't die in vein.

"His name won't die in vein," Robinson said. "I will carry his bloodline and his legacy on and as long as his blood still runs from me, he will never die in vein."

Robinson said he and his brother will be planning any memorial or funeral services once they receive their fathers remains from Tarrant County.

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