Family of missing man in Big Spring hoping for answers

Family of missing man in Big Spring hoping for answers

Jose Mendez Cuellar was reported missing back in December of 2009 and in July 2015 human remains that were found in the North East part of Howard County were tied to the missing man.

Now almost seven years later, his family is just hoping for answers.

According to his daughter, Desirea Mendez, his last words to her were, "I'm leaving for a little bit. I'll be back, I'll call you, I'll write y'all, but I will be back."

And he never returned to his six children he left behind, but the family was hoping that one day he would come back.

"The last time we seen him was in June of 2009," his daughter said. "That was the last time me or my sister had seen him, the last time we got to talk to him, the last time we told him goodbye."

She said her family was devastated that her dad's remains were found last year, but the family was barely notified four days ago that the DNA belonged to her dad.

The University of North Texas did the DNA analysis that confirmed the remains were those of Cuellar.

"I'm pretty sure they knew it was him a long time ago," she said. "It would've at least put our minds at ease knowing he was gonna come home instead of wondering for a whole another year of where he's been."

His daughter says whenever they reported him missing the police told them that they received a tip that he left willingly.

That is something the family may never know, but hopes they find the answers they've been waiting for, for seven years.

"We hope to find what happened," she said. "If it was an accident, you know find out if it was another thing that happened you know another person involved. We want justice for him. He's been out there seven years by himself, they should at least give us that closure."

His family has donation buckets at numerous places in Big Spring including Betty Lou's, Burrito Express on Gregg St., Kwik Kash, The One Way Salon, and Bougie Nights.

They are also taking donations at Myers and Smith and have set up a GoFundMe account.

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