Katherine's Brittle and More thriving thanks to Elvis

Katherine's Brittle and More thriving thanks to Elvis

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Katherine's Brittle and More, a candy shop now,  was once a record store.

In 1955 this record store is where Elvis Presley brought his records in to be sold, and Katherine Sadler the owner, says it is now the inspiration for her candy shop.

"When I first got here, I was gonna do like my great grandmother in vintage," Sadler said. "And when I heard the story of Elvis, and the story of the building, I decided to go with the pink Cadillac on the front of the building and just kind of keep Elvis' memory alive."

Her store first opened in April and once customers started coming in she heard the story of Elvis at this same spot decades ago from Midland locals.

"So I thought with all the automotives and the car lots around, I would just go with Elvis' famous pink Cadillac and put him in the front seat," Sadler said.

She first started her business out of her home  and decided to bring it to town once her customer base grew.

And now a mix of her old customers, with the new ones who are attracted by Elvis and his story, keep them walking in.

She sells brittle, toffee, clusters, cookies and cupcakes and can make them sugar or fat free.

Her great grandmother, grandmother and mother are all chefs and cooks so watching them cook and bake as she was growing up is where it all started for her she said.

Now she continues the tradition and hopes to take her business to the next level by opening a restaurant one day, but for now, is focusing on her candy shop.

"We're here to sweeten you up... is one of my famous sayings," Sadler said.

The candy shop is located at 2507 West Wall Street.

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