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New overpass in Midland underway

TXDOT is in the early stages of planning a new overpass in Midland. (Source: KWES) TXDOT is in the early stages of planning a new overpass in Midland. (Source: KWES)

TXDOT is still in the early stages of planning a new overpass on Loop 250 and widening Fairgrounds Rd in Midland.

It is one of the top five priorities for the Permian Basin Metropolitan Planning Organization to begin planning. These improvements to extend the main lanes on Loop 250 are to reduce congestion and increase mobility in those areas. 

"Traffic will go over the intersection so people at Fairgrounds won't have to wait near as long to get back into town," said Gene Powell of TXDOT.

The Fairgrounds Road project, next to the intersection, is still in the works. It is a different project that has TXDOT working with the city to expand those roads between Loop 250 and Pecan. The 6.5 million dollar project started back in February. The separate project will help congestion along Fairgrounds Road since it is moving from a two lane to a five lane.

"All projects at some point are interrelated," said Powell. "Although they may be funded separately, they work in conjunction with each other to improve traffic safety and flow in that area."  

TXDOT said the overpass project started about a year ago. 
"Obviously, people have been waiting a long time for the rest of Loop 250 to be built. Its been a funding issue to why it's not completed. We can't afford everything we want," said Powell.

He said the funding issue was holding the project back since designing a project after identifying the needed materials can take up to nine months to a year.  

"We appreciate the public's comments. We can't say yes to everybody but we try to say yes as much as we can," said Powell. "People who lived in that area, its been a good conversation. We're planning a really good project."

There is no set date for construction but it is estimated to begin around October 2017. In the meantime, while Fairgrounds is under construction, make sure you drive safely around those areas and obey all traffic laws. 

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