Midland man found guilty of murdering 66-year-old veteran

Midland man found guilty of murdering 66-year-old veteran
Juan Carlos Lucatero (Source: Midland County Jail).
Juan Carlos Lucatero (Source: Midland County Jail).

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - UPDATE: Juan Lucatero has been found guilty of committing the murder of Paul Cytulik.

We're told a jury found him guilty Wednesday after approximately 50 minutes of deliberation.


A neighbor of Juan Carlos Lucatero, 26, is speaking out after learning he is charged in the murder of a man at a nearby apartment complex.

"I'm going back and saying 'Wow, that's crazy.' I didn't know. That could have happened to me or my roommate," said Alister Alcala.

Alcala lived next door to Lucatero, who he says was only staying at his apartment complex for a few weeks, but him and his roommate had various encounters with him.

"He seemed like an angry person, like he was up to no good. I don't think he had a job," said Alcala.

Alcala says Lucatero also seemed like he was under the influence of something when he acted aggressive toward him.

Police say Lucatero stabbed Paul Cytulik, 66, at the Summerhill Apartments around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

"They found a severely wounded victim by the pool area. He was transported to the hospital and died shortly after," said Public Information Officer Sara Bustilloz.

Lucatero was not a resident of the apartment complex. He lived a few blocks down at a different apartment complex with his mother.

Witnesses saw the suspect running from the Summerhill Apartments. A bicycle left behind helped police trace the stabbing back to Lucatero, who was found in the 4400 block of Andrews Highway.

He surrendered without incident. A search warrant turned up bloody clothes and a knife that matched one described by witnesses.

"Our main focus at this point is trying to figure out the motive and how this altercation took place in the first place," said Bustilloz.

Neighbors describe the victim as a friendly face, who was always smiling and someone who cared about the people in their community.

The neighbors who knew the suspect want justice for the victim's family.

"A senseless crime. I'm praying for the family. I hope they are okay," said Alcala.

Lucatero was put in detox when he arrived at the jail. He has since been booked and is charged with murder. Police say Lucatero has a history of violent crimes.

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