Marfa Meds asked to shut their doors

Marfa Meds asked to shut their doors

MARFA, TX (KWES) - It's a prescription service that hundreds of people in Presidio and Brewster county use.
Now that service is being forced to shut their doors.

Marfa Meds delivers prescription medications from Alpine to those who can't travel.
They tells us the notice from the Enforcement Division of Texas State Board of Pharmacy came in last week, asking them to close their doors as soon as possible.

Marfa Meds allows prescription medicine to be delivered from Alpine pharmacies to Marfa customers and is the only program of it's type in Texas.

"It's going to have a very negative impact on them because there are people who cannot afford to drive 26 miles both ways to pick up their meds," said Marfa Meds Pharmacist, Jill Jahn. "The hospital district has been providing this free service for them and we've got a lot of people who have relied on it."

Marfa Meds is classified a type H pharmacy, this mean by law they cannot apply for a license if there is another pharmacy serving the same county.
Last year in June a type A pharmacy opened. Just six months later, Marfa Meds was granted a renewal of their license in December.

The acting Executive Director for the Big Bend Regional Hospital District said the regulations for a pharmacy like Marfa Meds are not clear if another pharmacy opens.

"We don't believe that there legislation to create competition in the pharmacy industry but we also don't believe the same legislation should be used to suppress other pharmacies as well," said Allen Haley.

Haley said Marfa Meds is worried not everyone's needs will be met if the people don't have a choice in pharmacies.

"The purpose of the pharmacy board is to protect the citizens. We need to keep this transportation license available now so we can continue to meet the needs of the people," said Haley.

Marfa Meds said they hope to meet with the state board to make a final decision.
If they close their doors customers will have to wait to have medicine mailed or travel to Alpine.

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