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Odessa race track not seeing return on hard work

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The Tumbleweed Speedway off of Interstate 20 welcomes anyone who wants to race. But despite spending over $10,000 on dirt alone, there hasn't been a high enough level of interest. The track in West Odessa has been open for three years, but promoter R.J. Iness said the lack of attention mixed with all the upkeep and low cart count makes it difficult.
"Lots and lots of water, lots of man hours," said Iness. "We want to make sure everyone has a good track to race on. We don't want a lot of bumps and jumps and all that so we try to make it as smooth as we can. We have one person that comes in and preps the track and does it his way and it takes him about 40 hours to do it."

Iness said when the track puts on big events, people come from all over the country to get on the track. However, those events are rare and the time in between is sort of dry. Iness said he thinks location is part of the reason.
"We're so far out," Iness said. "Most of your tracks that are doing real well are back East, and that's where most of the races started at, is back east before Texas. We're just real far out and nobody knows that we're here and we're just trying to get recognition. The more people that come out, the more that's going to want to get involved."
Iness said the track is open to those coming out for their first race, seasoned veterans and everyone in between. Their next two races are July 16 and July 30 before the big money race at the beginning of September. If you're interested in racing but never have, Tumbleweed Speedway said it does have classes to help you get started.

For more on the speedway and other information, visit http://www.tumbleweedspeedway.com or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Tumbleweed-Speedway-1396723537243415/.

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