Wanted Midland man speaks out as police are searching for him

Wanted Midland man speaks out as police are searching for him
MPD and SWAT team block off streets as they search for wanted man (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland man wanted for sending his girlfriend to the hospital spoke exclusively with us on Sunday. He is still wanted, as of Sunday night, but he said he was only defending himself. Cameron Murphy, who is the wanted man, said he has a broken nose and some ruined property.

On Sunday morning, the Midland Police Department were called out to the Waterford Lakes Apartments at 516 North Loop 250. Police said the incident, between Murphy and his girlfriend, resulted in the woman being taken to the hospital with injuries but she's expected to be okay.

When police arrived on scene, Murphy had already left. Officers later arrived to the 2600 block of Frontier Dr. and thought Murphy was still there. Murphy spoke News West 9, explaining what he said happened.

"She kicked me in my face, which broke my nose, which is still bleeding," said Murphy. "I tried getting up and that's when she kept on hitting me, kept on, kept on, kept on hitting me and I was just defending myself. I had to get up and I tried to push her back but she kept coming at me and hitting me. So I had to use force. I got her off me and got my stuff. I was bleeding everywhere, there was blood all over the place."
Murphy said when his girlfriend called the police, she said he was armed and dangerous, but he says that wasn't the case.

"I don't carry a gun on me at all. I leave it at my house in the closet, which doesn't have any ammo whatsoever. I don't have any ammo on this gun so it just sits at the top of my closet," said Murphy.

He said not only was his truck impounded but his motorcycle was trashed as well.

We have contacted police for additional information regarding the search and incident.

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