Former NFL star Williams talks Permian, Dallas Cowboys

Former NFL star Williams talks Permian, Dallas Cowboys

ODESSA- Even though Roy Williams is retired now, he still keeps tabs on his former teams.

The former NFL Wide Receiver told NewsWest 9 what he sees for both the Cowboys and the Permian football team this coming season.

For Permian, Williams feels that the teams early exit from the playoffs a year ago might be a blessing in disguise.

"Well I think they had a bad taste in their mouth coming off that playoff loss, and that's good for them", Williams said.
"You know and I don't mean that in a mean way, I mean that as a positive. Now this year you have to go another step further. If that's a state championship or that's the next round, just get better.So I think that loss really helped them to get where they need to be and hopefully they can do it."

For the Dallas Cowboys, Williams feels the teams success will be mostly put on the shoulders of a now healthy Tony Romo.

"The Cowboys will go as much as Romo can take them, Williams said. "Romo is getting up there, he's long in the tooth now, so he has to make everybody around him better. He has to stay healthy and Dez has to stay healthy as well."

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