Aspen Dental gives military veterans free dental procedures

Aspen Dental gives military veterans free dental procedures
Aspen Dental team in Midland. (Source: Mayra Mendoza)
Aspen Dental team in Midland. (Source: Mayra Mendoza)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Aspen Dental held the Healthy Mouth Movement on Saturday. They opened their doors to military veterans for free dental procedures. They call it, "A smile for your service."

"Whenever they come in, we do a procedure for them," said Dr. Christopher Doane of Aspen Dental in Midland. "A cleaning, extraction, or filling. For one veteran, we do adopt a veteran and we do a full comprehensive care for them."

Aspen Dental does this day of service every year on June 25 to provide each veteran a thank you without the dental bill.

"It's a way to give back to our veterans," said Doane. "To show them we care for being free. If it weren't for the veterans, we wouldn't have this office or this freedom to practice dentistry in this country."

Each clinic takes veterans by appointments but walk-ins are also welcomed. Aspen Dental said last year, nearly 300 of their practices treated more than 3,500 veterans in just that one day.

"My dad and my brother are both veterans so doing this is the best thing I could do for people," said Doane.

One veteran who came in said it was his first time going to Aspen Dental.

"I was in the Navy. I was a hospital corpsman in the Navy. The way most veterans are treated in other places is not really all that friendly all the time," said veteran Reginal Bryant. "So for them to take the time out of their day and do something like this for us is really cool. It's really awesome."

The free procedure is only once a year but Aspen Dental continues to extend their thank yous to all veterans. If you want to inquire about making an appointment with Aspen Dental, you can visit their website here.

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