Odessa woman arrested on six counts of aggravated assault charges

Odessa woman arrested on six counts of aggravated assault charges

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa Police Department is still trying to figure why Sherrie Plummer brandished an airs soft rifle at six people while shouting profanities and racial slurs at them. She was arrested Wednesday and now faces six aggravated assault charges.

Corporal Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department said, "It doesn't matter if it's real or fake, it's the intent. If you do believe that it is real then you can defend yourself."

The arrest affidavit said police were called to a disturbance around 9:30 that night at the 12-hundred block of Sam Houston Avenue in Odessa. The six victims explained to police they were in fear for their lives based on the fact they believed the black air soft rifle was real.

The arrest affidavit then said two of the victims tried to flee but were chased by Plummer and another man to the 7-11 on Kermit and Golder. The two victims saw an ECISD police officer and told them what happened. The police officer then chased Plummer and the other man to 26th and Whitaker and during a search of the vehicle police found the rifle.

"We look at everything. We look at the totality of the circumstances. It's not uncommon for a convenience store to get robbed where somebody would come in with a fake gun, but it doesn't matter," said LeSueur.

Odessa Police said Plummer could be facing up to 20 years for each count if convicted.

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