Howard College baseball coach steps down

Howard College baseball coach steps down

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Athletic director and head baseball coach, Brit Smith, has stepped down after being with the college for 15 years and head coach for the past 13.

"Obviously I loved it here, I mean its a wonderful place," Smith said. "And couldn't work for a better administration, a president that is so supportive of everything on campus."

He says he will not only miss the people that make up the community of Big Spring, but he will also miss the Howard College staff and players.

The team only failed to make play offs two years, while he was head coach, but Smith says it's time to leave coaching, for a good reason.

"It was a better opportunity for my family. Junior college coaching is, you know, it's not just show up on game day and let it go," Smith said. "It's probably the most difficult level to coach of anything past high school for the simple fact that if you're really good you're going to lose your players a lot of times just after one season, especially if there qualifiers academically."

Smith says he was always on the road recruiting year round, which never left much time for his wife and three kids.

But now he will be working from home as southwest regional coordinator for Perfect Game, the worlds largest scouting service.

Smith says he is excited to continue his love and passion for baseball, outside of the diamond.

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to stay in baseball and continue to help kids," Smith said. "And do those things, but also be a dad, and be a husband at home... spend more time with my family."

The Hawks gained national recognition during their 2009 national championship season, with Smith as the head coach, going 63-1 and setting the record for the longest undefeated regular season in college baseball history.

Their 57-game winning streak also broke the previous record of 55 games set by Seminole State College (Okla.) in 1987.

He'll miss the competition during baseball games more than anything he says, but is looking forward to the new opportunities his new career will bring.

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