Former Odessa firefighter arrested on child sex abuse charges

Former Odessa firefighter arrested on child sex abuse charges

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Thursday, authorities arrested former Odessa Firefighter Clayton Blount. He was accused of sexual abusing a girl over seven years.

Corporal Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department said, "It doesn't matter if you are a public servant or not, we are going to investigate it the exact same way like any other case."

According to arrest records, the girl told a church member about the abuse. The church member in turn relayed the information to Odessa Police.

"We had probable cause for his arrest that's why we obtained the warrants and he was charged today," said LeSueur.

US Marshall and Ector County Sheriffs arrested Blount this afternoon following a traffic stop on Maple and Grandview in Odessa and was booked at the Ector County Jail.

"This type of abuse occurs a lot more than people realize. This was reported to us there's a lot that goes unreported," said LeSueur.

Groups like Harmony Home help kids who have been affected by abuse and say there are signs if they suspect a child has been abused.

Marisol Espinoza, Executive Director of Harmony Home said, " Signs include: changes in behavior, distancing themselves from other family members and not being as out-going as they used to be."

Espinoza added when it comes to long-term abuse the victim may feel as though it is their fault or have been forced not to tell but it's not the case.

"The first step is to talk about what happened, get it out and tell what happened. Then go to therapy and help them understand it wasn't their fault, what happened to them was wrong and they did right thing by talking about it and telling somebody," said Espinoza.

Odessa Police said it is a law to report abuse from an outcry witness. Blount had bonded out of jail, the total for the five charges added up to $200,000.

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