Big Spring clinic renovating, offering more services to the community

Big Spring clinic renovating, offering more services to the community

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES/KBYG) - Scenic Mountain Medical Center is getting some much needed renovations. New ceilings, windows, chairs, flooring and even a new paint job.
But all of the new changes are not just for the looks of the hospital.

"It's a partnership with the hospital to upgrade the building and help use it as a recruitment tool for new physicians, new specialists to come to the area," said Ken Birdsong, President of Greystone Brokerage and Development.

It's these changes that the CEO Emma Krabill is hoping will revamp the hospitals image.

"We want to be the hospital that they need and want so that they don't have to travel elsewhere," said Krabill.

The renovations come after the city of Big Spring sold the old Malone Hogan Clinic to Greystone, a developing firm based in Tennessee.

Along with the physical changes to the hospital, the hospital is aiming to offer more procedures to better serve residents...

"The overall goal for that renovation and also our hospital is to strengthen the way we deliver care in this community and to be able to add the services our community needs that we can do here," said Krabill.

Interventional cardiology was introduced at Scenic Mountain Medical Center in October 2015. Now that the hospital can perform this sort of procedure, heart attack patients will no longer have to be transferred elsewhere for care.

"The sooner that we can do the intervention or place the stent, open up the artery, reestablish blood flow, the less damage there is to the heart," said Dr. David Ashpole. "So being able to offer that service here, do it immediately, rather then have to deal with the delays in transfer is a big advantage to our emergency patients."

Another addition, the Wound Healing Center will be added. Taking a look at the demographics of Big Spring, Krabil says there is a large quantity of people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease that is frequently associated with chronic wounds. The wound center will provide residents with an alternatives so traveling won't be necessary.

"That eats up the whole day in travel and treatment time. So what we wanted to do is offer that here. So our Big Spring patients and also towns surrounding Big Spring don't have to go elsewhere, they can come home and get the procedure here," said Krabill.

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