Local gun advocate gives opinion on recent tragedy

Local gun advocate gives opinion on recent tragedy

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Danny Anderson, a local gun advocate who works for SK Arms, said he's been involved with the LGBT community growing up because of theatre.

He said the recent Orlando tragedy really hit home, but he did not get a chance to mourn because he automatically had to start defending law abiding citizens who own guns.

Following recent mass shootings, Anderson said, gun sales tend to increase because people panic-buy in fear of gun bans.

There's also speculation the prices will go up and because of this, guns fly off the shelves fast.

"After Sandy Hook there was obviously not a ban but prices still went through the roof just because people went and bought everything up," Anderson said. "It was just impossible to get anything. It was impossible to get ammo; you couldn't find .22's anywhere for like two years after Sandy Hook, it was nuts."

Many people want to point fingers and say the gun is the problem in any tragedy that occurs world-wide, but Anderson says this is the time to think with your brain and not with your heart.

He said it's easy to direct anger in the wrong place when wanting to fix a devastating problem but said the solution is not gun control.

"There's a lot of hard questions to answer really. Is it America that has changed? Is it our society?," Anderson said. "Because it's not the gun, the gun has been around. The AR 15 specifically was being marketed to civilians in the early 60's so that's been there. So why is it now a problem? Is it just the media? Do we just hear more about it? I don't know whats changed."

According to statistics, Anderson said, gun control and assault weapon bans do not fix the problem. He thinks bans are there to make people feel good but in the end only hurt law abiding gun owners, like himself.

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