Customers question Postmaster's return

Customers question Postmaster's return

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Postmaster Yolanda Bradley of the Andrews Post Office has been back to work following complaints from customers and an investigation by the United States Postal Service. On Tuesday, some customers questioned the decision.

Al Novogradac, a customer said, "She's very rude. She talks down to people like she's better than we are."

He was the most outspoken of the Andrews Post Office customers when he described his interactions with the Postmaster Yolanda Bradley. Throughout last year complaints, about missed and delayed mail, awful customer service and a shortage of mail carriers led to the inspector general to investigate her office. Novogradac said he witnessed all the issues personally.

"I know I couldn't get my mail when I was on workman's compensation depending on my check to come in, she held my mail at this post office," said Novogradac

Novogradac added when he did come to pick up his mail he would only get a portion of it and his interactions with Bradley weren't always pleasant.

"When I come in to talk to her she told me I was belligerent and turned and walked away from me," said Novogradac.

The US Postal service responded to those complaints and assured customers in a statement in part that read:

In this case as with any instance when the postal service is made aware of customer concerns we investigate and take action deemed appropriate. Customers of the Andrews Post Office are assured the Postal Service is committed to quality customer service from professional, courteous, and friendly employees.

Novogradac and other customers hope those changes come this time around.

"It ridiculous the service we get here," said Novogradac.

The US Postal Service says Bradley returned to her position as Postmaster last week. We attempted to reach Bradley at the Andrews Post Office but she was unavailable.

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