Family key ingredient for Big Spring Harley dealership

Family key ingredient for Big Spring Harley dealership

BIG SPRING- The Harley Davidson Dealership in Big Spring is the oldest Family owned dealership in Texas. So, how did they get there start? NewsWest 9 found the best guy to tell the story, General Manager and third generation patriarch Robert Walker.

"My granddad was a dairy farmer, and he used to deliver milk on motorcycles, then he decided to see if he could purchase the dealership," Walker said. "Then in 1929 he was awarded his dealership and that's when he started the business in 1929, right in the middle of the depression."

The remnants of the old days can be seen just about everywhere throughout the store.

As decades have gone by, the Walker's have grown in many different ways and you cant count on the family business to stay in the family.

"As long as they're still here, than once they're ready to finish up, then I guess it's my turn," Bryson Pineda, Robert's Grandson said.

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