Midland woman found dead, common-law husband charged with murder

Midland woman found dead, common-law husband charged with murder
Kathy Lujan's body found 5 weeks after her disappearance. (Source: Facebook/Kathy Paget-Lujan)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland mother of two found dead Tuesday morning after she was reported missing five weeks ago.

Her common-law husband reported her missing, now he's charged with her murder.

Midland police said the body was found in a drainage ditch on the east side of Midland County.

"I think she was someone that touched a lot of people in Midland. Without maybe even knowing it," said Sara Bustilloz with The City of Midland.

Kathy Lujan, 41 was last seen May 11. Three days later she was reported missing by her common-law husband Juan Gonzales, 44.
They have two boys together, many family members and friends said it was out of Lujan's character to just leave.

"It was very odd to us that she had disappeared, had children. It just wasn't adding up right. We felt the need to pursue this, diligently," said Bustilloz.

Midland police said after the investigation started Gonzales was locked for credit card abuse and a federal parole violation.
That's when police started questioning him about Lujan's whereabouts.

About a week after Lujan's disappearance, Gonzales took to Facebook to post about how hurt he was and said, "shame on you that are pointing fingers..."
Around 10:30 Tuesday morning statements from Gonzales led police to Lujan's body.

Police said Gonzales cooperated with them throughout the investigation, specifics about their relationship are unknown.

"It's fairly common if it's a domestic issue. Sometimes we have had murders or situations where it was the suspect who reported them missing or reported the actual circumstances of the incident," said Bustilloz.

Police said it is unclear how long Lujan's body was in the drainage ditch.

Lujan's body has been sent to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.

The two boys are under custody of family.

The investigation into the case is underway.

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