Midland roads under construction for improvement

Midland roads under construction for improvement

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It was almost a year long project but now TXDOT is working on road improvements to Interstate 20 and West Loop 250.

Several changes will be made to traffic patterns during I-20 construction. The speed limit will be reduced to 55 miles an hour and roads will have traffic barriers while crews start work.

Fairgrounds Road is also going to be under construction. The project will consist of roads widening to two-way roads from Wadley Avenue to Loop 250. Traffic will be one-way from Pecan avenue to Wadley avenue.

Travel lanes on Briarwood Avenue are narrowed during construction for its pavement project.

"We have to go and fix the shoulder of the road because it was deteriorating," said Sara Bustilloz of the City of Midland. "It was not built to city standards in anyway."

During the project, the speed limit has been reduced to 35 mph. The signal light at Holiday Hill Road is temporarily out of service so stop signs will be placed there for the week.

The city will have to get utilities located before starting work on Briarwood. Water and sewer that runs under the road must be checked before they start paving over it. Power lines will also have to be relocated during the project.

"Oncor and all of those power companies have to change their utilities as well so it makes room for the new road," said Bustilloz.

The City of Midland said if you are going to be around those areas under construction, make sure you obey all traffic signs.

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