No animals at Odessa Animal Shelter will be euthanized

No animals at Odessa Animal Shelter will be euthanized

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Friday, the Odessa Animal Shelter released a list of 11 dogs that were in need of a forever home or risk being euthanized.

Of those 11 dogs News West 9 was told by the Odessa Police Department that most of them have already been adopted, while the remaining two or three are finishing the process.

As of this past Friday, the Odessa Animal Shelter housed about 250 pets, while the normal occupancy is 150. After the release stating they would need to euthanize some of those by Tuesday this week, the 11 on the "urgent" list have since been adopted. However, there's still need for more adoptions.

"So the good news is that none of the animals will have to be euthanized," OPD Cpl., Steve LeSueur said. "However it's important to know despite having these 11 have been adopted or rescued, there still is an overcrowding issue at the Odessa Animal Shelter and we need people to come and adopt these pets."

LeSueur said the shelter has plenty of pets available you can adopt there and events around the town. Unfortunately, the price may not be the $19 it was for the 11 on the urgent list, but it may keep from having to do another urgent list again in the future \

"But with all that being said there still are several dozen more that need to be adopted or rescued and the last thing we want to have happen is have them end up on that urgency list again," LeSueur said.

LeSueur said Odessa has not had to euthanize a pet since manager Jacqueline Adimare took over at the Shelter about two years ago.

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