Officer says he was doing his job when 'rescuing' Midland man

Officer says he was doing his job when 'rescuing' Midland man

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland man said he was rescued during Wednesday night's storms, all thanks to an off duty Midland Police Department officer.

Officer Loren Frost said when he saw the cyclist he knew he had to stop but never expected so many people to know about it.

"Wow, this guy is out here and he's fixing to get clobbered by the storm," said Frost.

The storms were rolling in when Frost was heading home after work. That's when he saw Wayne Stratton, struggling on his bike.  Frost took an exit and waited for him under an overpass.

"He had his head way down, he was hunkered over his bike," said Frost. "The wind was really tossing him around and the rain was just battering him down and when he got to me, he was just drenched and cold."

Frost said he told Stratton to break his bike down so he could give him a ride home. After he did, Stratton posted on Facebook thanking Frost.
In less than 24 hours, the post has nearly 3,000 likes and over 700 shares.

"I couldn't believe what he had written, it was pretty cool," said Frost. "The comments are great. There's no negativity what-so-ever, the folks are really behind us. Like I said we're not in it for the glory or anything like that. We do what we do because we do it. It's nice to get an 'atta-boy' once in a while, it feels good."

Officer Frost had a message for Stratton.

"Watch the weather next time! In west Texas we all know it changes with the drop of a hat. So you know, better prepare but that's for anything," said Frost.

Stratton was unavailable to speak to us but said he wants to wish Officer Frost a happy wedding anniversary.

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