Midland's Legacy Elite earns global championship

Midland's Legacy Elite earns global championship

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A dance team out of Midland is celebrating. That's after athletes with Legacy Elite came back home global champions. They competed at a dance and cheer competition in Hawaii and arrived back in the Basin Wednesday.

"From Midland, Texas, we came back number one," said Legacy Elite's Kyra Young. "I don't think it's fully hit me yet, but it's pretty surreal."

Another competitor with Legacy Elite, Madi Lane said, "It's just a really good feeling knowing I was able to represent my city, state, country so well and win."

Clayton King was the only male competitor, and said, "Being home in Midland is not as good as Hawaii, but being a global champion is amazing, especially after all the hard work we put in."

Two teams from Midland's Legacy Elite were chosen to travel to the Aloha state to represent the USA in the Global Dance and Cheer Games last weekend.

Platinum Jazz and Gold Diggaz went there for one reason, to win.

"While they were there, they won first place in each of their divisions and also grand champion over the whole competition," said Shannon Orris, a parent with Legacy Elite. "There, they went against other countries as well, like New Zealand, Australia, Japan."

Aside from holding the title of global champions, the teams came back with medals, jackets, rings and possibly the best homecoming they could have ever asked for, a surprise celebratory party with their friends and family.

This wasn't an overnight success. In fact, some of the athletes had to miss out on major high school milestones, like prom, to perfect their routines.

"Two-a-day practices, five hour practices, practices every weekend," said Legacy Elite competitor, Jordan Lane. "I had to quit one of my jobs so I could fit practice in and get a new job, but it was so incredibly worth it."

The Global Dance and Cheer Games are the first of it's kind, so for this Texas town to be the first to bring home the championship, speaks volumes for the talent within Legacy Elite.

"Global got together with all the federations of all the different countries and they got the teams to represent certain countries so we are actually the first global games grand champion winners," said Legacy Elite's owner, Terry Lynn Lane.

The bar has been set high, but Lane says Legacy Elite will not stop there.

"My goal is to keep on reaching that bar and keep setting it for my younger generation," Lane said. "They have just as much talent as my older kids."

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