Caught on Cam: Suspects burglarize water vending machine

Caught on Cam: Suspects burglarize water vending machine

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Crime Stoppers are on the lookout for a couple of men who burglarized an ice and water vending machine.

It happened at Guardian Storage and Car Wash on East University on February 12.

"He gets out of the vehicle with a pry bar in his hand," said Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers. "You see him walk around to the side. A second guy gets out of the passenger side of the vehicle and they start working on the machine."

Rogers says it doesn't take the suspects very long to pry open the machine with the help of a flashlight.

The burglary results in $265 lost and damage to the machine. They will both be charged with burglary of a coin operated machine.

"You can see a beautiful picture of the vehicle as they pull up," said Rogers. "It's a white SUV type vehicle and it's a pretty good picture of the driver as he gets out."

If you have any information on these two burglars, give Odessa Crime Stoppers a call at (432)-333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and could land yourself a cash reward.

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