AAA warns drivers about 100 deadliest days

AAA warns drivers about 100 deadliest days

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Road officials call them the 100 deadliest days. It's a time during the summer when more teenagers are on the road.

Experts said most accidents during this time are caused by distracted driving. A spokesperson for AAA says during these more than 5,000 people have died in the past 5 years, and all these accidents all involved distracted teen drivers.

"There is no text, no phone call worth your life or someone else's life," said AAA Spokesperson, Doug Shupe.

AAA calls the 100 days between Memorial and Labor day the 100 deadliest. AAA said this is because more teens are on the road and many of them drive with distractions.

"Teens being out of school, spending more time with their peers and being less supervised. We want to make sure teens are safe on the road throughout the summer," said Shupe.

Recent research from triple A says distraction is a factor in over 60 per cent of crashes.  At the top of the list causing distractions are teenagers interacting with other passengers.

A close second are mobile devices.

"You can tell who's distracted, you can see them," said Shupe. " Weaving in between lanes, going extremely slow because they are so focused on sending that last text or reading that text they just received."

Shupe said the majority of the 5,000 people killed over the last five years during the 100 deadliest days were not the distracted teen drivers, but others.
Shupe recommends calling law enforcement if you see someone distracted on the road. Another way to cut down distracted driving is setting the bar high and being a role model.

"Kids are watching our driving habits from a very early age. If they're seeing is distracted behind the wheel, if they see us texting and driving, they're going to think it's OK to do that themselves," said Shupe.

Other factors of distracted driving include picking something up inside the vehicle, changing the radio and eating.

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