Local law enforcement talk about mass shooter preparations

Local law enforcement talk about mass shooter preparations

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - On Monday, members of law enforcement in Midland talked about the preparations they would take faced in a situation where there is a mass shooter after the events on Sunday in Orlando where 50 people were killed and 53 more were injured.

Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter said, "Our main objective is to preserve and protect life and we'll do that at any expense."

On a large scale, Sheriff Painter said anytime there is a big event there will always be extra security and if the situation is escalated other agencies will come at the drop of a hat.

"There will be officers from all over this part of Texas and New Mexico. They would rush in here without a doubt they would be here. All I have to do is say help," said Painter

On a smaller scale, like the schools, Richard McKee, Chief of Police at Midland College said faculty and staff go through active shooter, emergency response training.

"We teach what we call the A-D-D principle which is avoid, the activity or the situation, if not the deny entry or deny access to their location and the third is if they are confronted with the shooter they might have to defend themselves and fight with the shooter," said McKee.

Whether its protecting a student body or a county, both McKee and Painter know what's at stake during a mass shooting situation.

"You don't have time to panic, you don't have time to develop a plan and the goal of our training is to always get people thinking and always have a situational awareness," said McKee.

"We will do just like the officers in Orlando did, you meet it head on and you take them out. You send them to hell," said Painter.

Officials advised local club and bar owner to invest in cameras and security guards with radios.

Painter and McKee said if you ever see something suspicious to report it.

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