Marfa holding vigil for Orlando victims

Marfa holding vigil for Orlando victims

MARFA, TX (KWES) - The Orlando Police Chief has kindly asked the people of Orlando to stop holding vigils for the victims. But tonight memorials took place some 1,500 miles away. St. Pauls' Episcopal church in Marfa, Texas, is holding one of its own to show its support for the victims.

When one Marfa resident proposed a candle light vigil at the city court house, the St. Paul pastor Jeremiah Griffin decided it was only right to show up for spiritual help.

"I have a litany of prayers," said Griffin. "Prayers for the victims, prayers for the families of the victims, prayers for the first responders and our policy makers and all the people that we need to pull together to address this and make some positive change. So I'll be reading that litany of prayers and praying for the souls of the departed."

Griffin said he knows that there will be people who disagree with the vigil for whatever reason. But he said he believed that participating in the vigil is an expression of his commitment to his religion and is a way to help right the wrongs of this world.

"Gun violence and hatred of those who are different from ourselves, for instance with the Orlando thing, the LGBT community," said Griffin. "That's antithetical to what Jesus was about. Jesus calls us to be motivated by compassion and reaching out to those who are suffering in this world and so it's very important that my beliefs translate into actions."

He said instead of saying something to the victims or families of the victims, he wants them to know that he's there for them.

"That is where we as, for people who are a part of my church community, we see ourselves as the hands and feet of Christ and that's how we view the hands and feet of Christ," said Griffin. "By showing up, physically present and letting people know that we care what they're going through."

The vigil started Sunday night at nine at the Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa. There will be pictures and more uploaded on News West 9 Facebook and our website

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