Local restaurant reopens after passing their health inspection

Local restaurant reopens after passing their health inspection

The doors at Ajuua's Restaurant off Andrews Highway in Odessa were closed Monday due to a salmonella outbreak. They reopened their doors after passing their last inspection with a score of 100.

"I'm not going to let it dissuade me from finishing my dinner," said customer Michael Parson.

The Ector County Health Department confirmed two cases of salmonella at the restaurant. Restaurant CEO Julian Rubio said he hasn't seen this happen since he has had ownership of the restaurant.

"We actually are taking more precaution here at the restaurant to educate ourselves more with training and make sure that the employees are well aware of what's going on," said Rubio.

The restaurant scored an 87 on their health inspection Monday. They had seven violations. In Ector County, anything under 70 is failing. But even though the score was above 70, they had to test the employees and get the final lab results in. Now, the restaurant's last inspection gave them a score of 100.

"What we want people to know is we did not get closed down because the restaurant is dirty," said Rubio. "It was actually because there was a small portion of food contamination. We don't know if it was internal or external."

The restaurant was slowly building customers throughout the day Saturday. Some customers said even knowing about the outbreak won't stop them from coming back for more.

"Probably the best chile relleno I've ever had," said Michael. "We'll probably make this a regular stop. You can't let one little bad incident change your whole perspective if they had good food before the situation. It's still good food."

"You receive product from a vendor, but you can't ever tell," said customer Lisa Parson. "Stuff happens all the time."

Rubio said the main concern of the restaurant is the safety of the public. He said the employees will continue to be more attentive especially when it comes to making their food.

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