Truck with $120,000 worth of equipment stolen from company

Truck with $120,000 worth of equipment stolen from company

WEST ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Friday, Stealth Oilwell Services Chief Operating Officer, Cody Gill posted this message to Facebook offering a reward for his stolen F-150.

It is important to him because the machine in the truck is valued at around $120,000.

"Who could've done it? Why? We work hard for what we have why can't everyone else do the same?," said Gill.

The company believed the suspect seen on video stole a set of keys and opened every truck until he found the right one and drove off.

"Altogether we have about eighty employees, there's quite a few of us here and just happened to be that one unlucky guy," said Gill.

The stolen equipment was not just pricey, try around $120,000 worth and important for his company.

"What was in this particular truck was a skim machine what they do is check for nominal wall loss and defect and tubing. It's going to be invaluable to the guy who stole the truck he doesn't even know it's back there," said Gill.

Gill said there is usually someone at the office at night but in the stolen truck the suspect happened to hit the switch that opens the front gate which allowed him to drive off. Gill added the company is taking steps to change the security system.

"We're adding more cameras. We're adding new systems to all of our trucks. When our trucks leave the gate at a certain time if they drive out of the gate they'll automatically shut down," said Gill.

He hoped other companies will learn from his experience.

"I want us to set an example for the rest of the thieves out there. Go get a job it's easy," said Gill.

Gill told NewsWest 9 due to the truck being stolen it has hurt his business because he's had to miss out on jobs and services. The Ector County Sheriffs Office says they are investigating the theft.

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