Comissioner's proposal to help Andrews county possibly save money

Comissioner's proposal to help Andrews county possibly save money

Andrews county may receive a possible change in how commissioners court handles their the budgets for each precinct's roads and bridges.

A proposal will consolidate all four precincts barns into one area.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Barney Fowler proposed the idea. He said the proposal will help commissioners' jobs by hiring an experienced engineer and cut down on duplicated equipment to help save Andrews a considerable amount of money.

The proposal will allow one experienced engineer to perform road maintenance across the county. The proposed plan is said to ease the work on commissioners and help Andrews' budget. But some residents don't think so.

"I see him doing a really good job for the most part in other areas of the county," said a resident. "I don't see how its going to save Andrews any money. It's not going to save them any money if you turn around and hire an engineer that's making $85,000 a year."

Other residents are okay with the change.

"He appears he wants to make a large scale change for efficiency," said resident Ashby Bridges. "In this economy, that time of flexibility is what we need to adapt and thrive until we get to better in times in terms of the oil industry."

Fowler said the plan will mainly affect the county's budget.

"The stuff they're putting out there is not true," Fowler said. "We can work for the general fund. We can work for entities we have inter-local agreements with. We can work for the fire departments. That will not change. That's going to be exactly like it is. What I want for people to know is the law does not change."

He said consolidating the facilities will lessen the cost of maintenance on barns and extra equipment such as tractors or water trucks from the precincts. Fowler said the duplicate machinery and barns would be sold to help the county save money, especially during the economy.

"I'm not saying to sell those barns right now," said Fowler. "Wait until the oil field gets good again and sell them where we can get the most money out of it as we can."

Fowler said the new system will not put commissioners out of their job nor does he propose they take a pay cut. He said this will be up to the public to decide when they vote. The proposed plan will take the road and bridge portion away from their job.

"They're still over the general fund stuff, the budgeting and all that. It cuts down on their job. I'm not proposing they do away with their salary or anything. I'm not proposing that."
The petition must be signed by July 23 with over 201 signatures at the Commissioners Court Precinct 1. If it does reach its goal, it will appear on the November ballot.

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