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Isolated thunderstorms and warm temperatures today

Isolated storms will be expected to develop over the West Texas mountains and southeastern New Mexico today. A few of these storms may push into the northern portion of the Basin as a weak low continues to drift to the East. Not expecting any severe weather, but a few of the storms could be strong at times. The storms will start to develop around 3 and strengthen throughout the evening. Expect sunny skies for Midland and Odessa. 

Temperatures will also return into the upper 90's for the Basin and some areas will break the triple digits. The winds for the south will continue to bring in the warm Gulf air from the Gulf of Mexico. This will help keep the warming trend for the next few days. Average daytime highs is 93 degrees for this time of the year. Though West Texas is accustom to this heat, it is important to stay hydrated and take as many breaks as possible if working outdoors. 

Looking forward - We will stay in this warming trend all week with highs in the upper 90's and even breaking into the triple digits this weekend. Rain chances increase into the day on Sunday. Download our StormTracker9 weather App to stay up to date on all the latest weather information. You can download this free app at Also, follow us on facebook and twitter. Stay hydrated and stay cool West Texas. - Derrick

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