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ATHENS, Texas (AP) - Democratic congressman Beto O'Rourke says he's sticking with not running negative attacks heading into his first debate with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. The debate Friday is the first of three that Cruz and O'Rourke have agreed to hold before Election Day. National attention in the race has grown as O'Rourke raises more money and polls suggest a surprisingly competitive race.

LAREDO, Texas (AP) - The Border Patrol agent accused of killing four women appeared to have a typical suburban life. Juan David Ortiz lived in a subdivision where rows of new homes stood next to fields of desert brush. He and his wife were raising two children. The Navy veteran became a Border Patrol agent and often waved to neighbors. But no one in Laredo could have imagined that Ortiz would someday be described as a serial killer.

LAREDO, Texas (AP) - Four women killed in Texas _ allegedly by a Border Patrol agent _ were bound by difficulties in life. One imagined a day when the street wasn't home and drugs not her preoccupation. They met an eerily similar death. They were shot in the head and left on rural Texas roadsides. Their relatives are now grieving for them and say they were more than the troubles they endured.

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (AP) - A judge is consolidating all federal lawsuits against the U.S. Air Force over the Texas church shooting that killed more than two dozen worshippers last year. The San Antonio Express-News reports that the combined lawsuits will be handled by U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez. The lawsuits allege the Air Force was negligent for failing to report the convictions of gunman Devin Kelley, who opened fire Nov. 5 at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

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