Midland man denied bond in connection to recent drug raids

Midland man denied bond in connection to recent drug raids

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A judge called him a danger to the community. A midland man arrested in a drug sting won't be getting out of jail, anytime soon. The judge denied him bond.

Carrillo is indicted for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine.

Carrillo chose to waive the arraignment, automatically entering him in a "not-guilty" plea.

Magistrate Judge Counts denied the request for bond and said at this time there is a presumption Carrillo is a flight risk and danger to the community.

Carrillo is represented by Attorney Brian Chavez. Chavez said bond is commonly denied in federal cases.

"There's a presumption in this type of case, that a client is a danger and is likely to flee. You have to overcome that presumption and the judge thought that we didn't," said Chavez.

An FBI special agent testified during the hearing and revealed new details including a La Familia Motorcycle Club vest with a secretary patch was found in Carrillo's home during the time of his arrest.

Cocaine and marijuana were also seized at that time. The agent accused Carrillo of being present during recent cocaine sales.

Chavez presented evidence from Carillo's long-time girlfriend. She called him a "good father" to their three kids.

Chavez said now all that's left is to move on with the case.

"The next step is just the discovery process. Start going through police reports and start trying to fight the case the best to my ability. Carrillo's attorney does not plan to appeal the bond hearing," said Chavez.

If convicted of this charge Carrillo could anywhere from 10 years to life in prison.

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