Midland Police suspect juveniles of car vandalism

Midland Police suspect juveniles of car vandalism

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The vehicles on the 2800 block of Metz Drive are not only being vandalized with spray paint, but also, paintball guns.

Although paintball guns are not considered illegal in Midland city limits, the way they're being used might be.

"No, no they're not illegal," Deputy Chief Seth Herman said. "Obviously the manner they're being used could be considered illegal depending on what people are doing with them, if they're assaulting others with them. But the possession of them within city limits is not considered illegal."

Police said these types of crimes are actually pretty common, especially during the summer.

"Just going off past history, yes," said Herman. "I mean I'm hesitant to suggest that it could be or could not be adults but if it is, then it's adults that act like juveniles. So at this point in time we're considering it to be juvenile related."

Another hint could be where they're hitting... as the hits have been near Goddard Junior High School... including the school itself.

In a statement MISD communications officer Woodrow Bailey said, "Vandalism is a problem that occurs on many campuses throughout our district, especially during the summer and holidays. Anytime there is vandalism on our campuses considerable time and resources are used to remove or repair the affected areas."

The school district also asks for parents to report any suspicious activity to the local police.

The police say this is an on-going investigation.

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