Locals concerned about safety after man-camp housing built in Midland County neighborhood

Locals concerned about safety after man-camp housing built in Midland County neighborhood

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Locals are concerned about their safety all because of a work-camp being built in their neighborhood.

This camp is built to provide a place to stay for men working nearby. One neighbor tells us they expect more than 100 men to live there and it's right by her backyard.

Neighbors in Midland County who live near West County Road 33 said they were originally told 80 men would live here, now the number has doubled.

Nichole Klopf has lived on West County Road 33 for almost two years. Klopf said when construction started in March, she and her husband were told a fence would be put up before anyone would be moved in.

She said there still isn't a fence and has estimates about 20 men already living here.

"We're really concerned about our safety. They've invaded our space and our privacy," said Klopf. "We're really worried, especially about the kids down the street. Their parents aren't letting them ride their bikes anymore because of the increasing speeding traffic and overall safety concerns."

Klopf said when the land for the man-camp was marked construction, a land survey wasn't done and workers cut into a piece of her property. 
She later filed a criminal trespassing report when workers continued to use it as a driveway.

"They put up the no trespassing signs and they just started [building] the metal fence this weekend," said Klopf.

We reached out to Midland County Sheriff's Department, they tell us these man-camps aren't regulated by the county and are not violating any ordinances.

Klopf said residents were promised security. Someone that would monitor the men staying there, to make sure drugs, alcohol and firearms would not be a problem but said they haven't seen that yet.

"They don't have anybody out here, watching what's going on. With the sheriff being out here 5 or 6 times, I have yet to see management out here to address any of the issues we've had. I'm just worried about what's going to happen when this camp is full," said Klopf.

NewsWest 9 stopped by the offices of Signor Lodging Monday. Local management referred us to the president of the company, our calls have not yet been returned.

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