Local boxing club reacts to Muhammad Ali's death

Local boxing club reacts to Muhammad Ali's death

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As many in the boxing community continue to mourn the loss of Muhammad Ali, The Midtown Soldiers Boxing Club on 200 East Jersey Ave in Midland offered their thoughts on the man who has been called the greatest of all time.

John Casas, a coach said,  "These coaches here grew up watching him and he was always just a true champion."

The Midtown Soldiers Boxing Club has been around since the late 90's and trains kids who have dreams of stepping in the ring. Most importantly, they teach kids to never give up a quality Ali was known for.

"We stress hard-work and discipline," said Casas.

Aaron Estrella, a conditioning coach said, "We never quit. We always try to push to the next level. We try to tell the kids the first thing that is going to give up is your mind and as you know Muhammad Ali was the greatest at when it comes to mind games."

Boxers like Britney Jenkins may be too young to understand Ali's full impact on the sport but she comprehends the winner he was.

Britney Jenkins, #1 ranked girls boxer said, "I know he was a good boxer and he's had so many fights and lost so little."

Whether young or old members of the Midtown Soldiers Boxing Club said there will always be something to take away from the legacy of Ali.

"He had a great character," said Casas.

"Whatever values and principles we installed here through the training of boxing they can actually apply to their regular lives, dedication, discipline, commitment," said Estrella.

On Friday, the day of Ali's funeral Casas says he planned on showing the kids YouTube clips of Ali to show them the type of boxer he was.

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