Cars, property vandalized overnight in Midland

Cars, property vandalized overnight in Midland
(Source: Chris Hightower/Facebook)
(Source: Chris Hightower/Facebook)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Residents in a Midland neighborhood are scrubbing their cars down after being the victim of vandals.

Their cars and property was vandalized with red spray paint. Now they say they are just hoping the person who did this is caught.

Residents on the 2800 block of Metz Drive and Haynes Drive didn't even know what happened on their streets until police knocked on their door.

"I woke up with banging on my door. We got up and went back there. We just had writing across the walls, my vehicle," said Tina Dawson, one of the victims.

Tina Dawson is a long time resident of Metz. She says this has never happened on her street. Her truck was tagged with the acronym MRB. The vandals even went inside her truck and her wallet was taken. It was later found discarded in the alleyway.

"We have had car break-ins many times throughout the past ten years," said Dawson. "Never vandalized in this way. Not spray painted."

Dawson is not alone. Neighbors say about 10 cars in total were spray painted with various words like "east," "blood" and "MRB."

"Really that's how I felt, really violated or offended. I just couldn't imagine doing that to somebody," said Dawson.

For now, residents are left cleaning up someone else's mess and hoping those responsible are caught.

"I know kids are going to do things and summer is just starting. I understand that, but they can find something else a little better to do," said Dawson.

The Midland Police Department will have more officers patrolling the area in an effort to prevent something like this from happening again.

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